Southernwood Capital is a boutique alternative investment fund manager specialising in the
Multi-Family Rental sector



“Regional Enterprise, International Growth”

Southernwood Capital is a specialist investment manager founded in 2014 by Irvine Robertson. The firm was established with the goal of professionalising the historically poorly managed and fragmented UK rented real estate market and building an institutionally appropriate investment product.

Now, through our in-house property operating platform Greenpoint, the goal of maximising customer service for occupiers and maintaining consistent favourable returns for investors has become possible. Southernwood has forged a path as a fund manager with a real interest in providing the highest quality of living standards for renters in regional England.

Southernwood focuses on acquiring freehold apartment blocks in secondary locations throughout regional England which have proven mature market dynamics and strong rental demand. Managed entirely in-house by Greenpoint, our strategy of providing premium, energy efficient living to professional occupiers, packaged into an investment product, has a proven track record of both income and capital return for investors.

With two funds currently under management Southernwood continues to provide consistent returns to investors whilst maintaining the highest standard of satisfaction for occupiers.

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